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Annamaja Earthy Eats | Alvorge Portugal

Vegan • Vegetarian Home Experience


stuffed mushrooms

Annamaja Earthy Eats

Explore Vegan & Vegetarian

We are a home restaurant, located at the peaceful village of Alvorge, Portugal, 30 min south of Coimbra.

We proudly serve vegan & vegetarian homemade food. Our menu is rich and lets you explore the wonders of nature’s flavors and textures.


Being a home dinning venue, we work on reservation based option only. So should you wish to book a seat at the dinner table at our front porch, please contact us by calling or filling the form at the bottom of the page.

cheese stuffed peppers eggplants

7 Health Benefits of Eggplants: 

 Rich in Many Nutrients

 High in Antioxidants

 May Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

 May Promote Blood Sugar Control

 Could Help With Weight Loss

 May Have Cancer-Fighting Benefits

 Very Easy to Add to Your Diet


Share a Table with People From Around the Globe

Our menu is diverse and changes in every event, but every time we offer a vast variety of dishes. We serve all dishes one after the other to the table, letting you enjoy every taste at a time.

We start off with an Apéritif for a kickstart and move on to Appetizers, Starters, Main Courses and finally Desert. All dishes are vegan or vegetarian and the meal also includes soft drinks, herbal tea and free refill.

Please contact us to book your seat.


“Soup puts the heart at ease.” 

- Auguste Escoffier -

Breakfast & Brunch

Local. Fresh. Healthy. Nutritious

Our breakfast is a real treat. We serve a variety of dips, homemade artisan bread, fresh juice, omelettes with assorted fillings, desert, coffee & tea.

The best way to start your day!


Treat yourself with a fascinating experience of flavors.
Please contact us to book your seat.

ice cream dessert

Book Your Seat

Book a seat by filling out the form. Please leave a valid contact info so we can get back to you.

You can also call us at:


or email to:

Thanks for submitting!

Our Location

Rua da Capela De São Gens 71, PORTUGAL

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